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Physical Details

Height: 151 cm (4′ 11.4″) // Weight: ~50 kg (around 110 pounds)
Skin tone: White and not easily tanned
Hair colour: brown // Eye colour: brown
Chest: 85 cm // Waist: 67 cm // Hips: 90 cm
Constitution: athletic, fitness.
Other features:
— Strabismus.
— Flexibility above average (through work more than naturally).
— One piercing on each ear.
— Mole under my right breast .
— Some small marks, moles and scars all over my body.
— No tattoos.

I have posed as a photography model on several occassions. Please visit the gallery of pictures of those sessions (explicit nudes).


I worked for five years (2012-2017) as a life model (figure model) at the faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Vigo in Pontevedra (Galicia, Spain) .

La caída

Here are some sketches drawn by several artists during some of my posing sessions.

Works by Frank Tophoven, Jorge Rivas, Bengt Landin, Andrea Dávila, Martin Robinson, Lucica Maria Nuţu, an anonymous pupil at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Pontevedra, Ricardo Dantas and Manuel Santos.

I have also worked at the following workshops:

  • At the faculty of Fine Arts in Pontevedra in the lessons given by the following teachers: Fernando Casás, Mónica Ortúzar, Araceli Liste, Chelo Gil, José Rúa, Jesús Pastor, Natividad Bermejo, Fernando Suárez, Jesús Hernández, Marta Riera, José Chavete, etc. (2011-2012, 2012-2013, 2013-2014 and 2015-2016).
  • Workshop in Caminha (Portugal) (9.1.2016).
  • Bengt Landin‘s workshop in Madrid (8.12.2012) (5.10.2013).
  • Martin Robinson and Jan Gielens at Studio17 in Rojales (Alicante) (29.3.2013).
  • Marcos Belzuz and others at Atelier Phryné, an informal open figure drawing workshop I run where I model with my partner Filipe Aires. (Pontevedra) (December 2013).

More information about my work as a model: